Differences between ebook and traditional books

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Books have been around for centuries and have been used as a way of conveying knowledge between different individuals and cultures, as well as between different generations. The modern world has encompassed technology into all the daily activities we perform, including the way that we read and write books. Electronic books (better known as an ebook) are digital books that can be read on electronic devices such as electronic readers (or ereaders). These types of books are becoming more famous than traditional books due to their efficiency and ease. The following article outlines the differences between traditional books and the newer, technological form of using books.

Ebook vs. Traditional books

1. Traditional books are physical items that have writing with images printed on pages. These pages are joined together and are held between covers, either a hardcover or a softcover. Ebooks are digital, meaning that they do not use any paper.

2. Traditional books have designs that cannot be changed, for example, the page number is always in a certain location, and the header and footer are present on every page. Ebooks, however, have a dynamic format. This means that the words continuously flow without interruption.

3. Traditional books have chapters, and some have indexes, and you need to physically locate what you are looking for by turning the pages of the book. Ebooks have hyperlinks within them that easily let you click on a chapter and directly take you to that chapter. Additionally, searching up phrases or words does not require an index since you can automatically do a general electronic search and the device will find the word(s) for you.

4. Traditional books have fixed text size and font that can be difficult for some to read. Ebooks allow the reader to adjust the font size and format so that it is easier to read.

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